Aims and Mission Statement

Aims and Mission statement                                           


  • Staff and students work together to:
  • raise aspirations and widen personal horizons
  • take responsibility for ourselves and our actions
  • be independent learners who can work collaboratively
  • stimulate an interest in learning as a lifelong process
  • value truth, honesty and fairness
  • develop self-respect and confidence
  • develop an understanding of the needs and well-being of ourselves and others
  • provide creative opportunities and develop an appreciation of the aesthetic and cultural aspects of life


We believe that each student will reach their personal best through experiencing

  • a rigorous and reflective approach to work focussed on progress
  • a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum experience
  • a safe, disciplined and stimulating learning environment which has a varied range of learning and teaching opportunities;
  • the provision of a caring, supportive school community where there is equal opportunity for all students, irrespective of ability, gender, race or culture
  • an ethos of community within the school and its neighbourhood.

High Expectations – No Excuses